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Does my patient specimen need to be centrifuged?
Select assays that will be tested by TEN Healthcare do require centrifugation before the specimen is processed by the laboratory. This is desired to take place in office immediately after collection. The TEN Bloodwork Requisition will indicate which assays need centrifugation immediately after collection. If you still have questions, please call your local sales rep or the laboratory directly at 844-836-3890 and your questions can be answered by our laboratory staff.
Because transit time will affect select assays tested by TEN Healthcare it is desired to ship out any bloodwork specimens the same day of collection. It is also highly recommended to send the specimens in the cooler pack provided by TEN Healthcare with an ice pack that has been frozen overnight.
All of TEN Healthcare samples can be picked up by FedEx, UPS, or local courier and be placed in transit at the same time. However, blood samples must be packed in the provided cooler pack and be shipped with an ice pack that has been frozen overnight to avoid any rejected testing.
TEN Healthcare Bloodwork is completed within 24 hours from the time it is received at the laboratory in most cases.
You will receive results by secure fax, email, through our online physician’s results portal, or directly interfaced into your practice EHR.
The laboratory will bill your patient’s insurer directly for its services. Then, your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). The EOB is not a bill. It is simply a statement that shows how your insurer processed the claim for the test. Depending on your insurance carrier, you may receive a statement for a co-payment or a deductible. TEN Healthcare has a flat fee price for any patients who are truly without healthcare coverage or experiencing financial hardship. All billing questions can be answered here under our billing tab or by calling our billing office.
You can contact TEN Healthcare directly at 844-836-3890 and we will direct your call to the correct department to answer any question you may have.

Industry Leading Turnaround Time

All PCR and blood laboratory products and services have a 24 hour turnaround time guaranteed from the time the sample enters the laboratory.

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