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Diagnosing infection for many different specialties with speed and precision while maintaining the highest quality healthcare standards for our providers.

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TEN Healthcare Molecular Testing Advantages

  • Rapid & accurate diagnosis
  • Noninvasive collection (swab)
  • Detection of multiple pathogens at once
  • Sensitivity unaffected by concomitant antibiotic use
  • Reduce unnecessary antibiotic administration, adverse events and costs
  • Decrease the spread of acquired infections
  • Ability to test for antibiotic resistance genes

Why Test?

Quick One-Day Results

Reporting occurs in the 12-24 hours after the specimen arrives at the laboratory

Innovative Reporting

Reports are clean and easy to read; it excels at highlighting the pathogens detected and indicating antibiotic resistance.

Quick access to online results portal, and the EMR friendly PDF version is also available and HL7 compatible.

Dedicated Clinical Support

Includes molecular biologists, analytical chemists, customer support and clinical specialists. 

Because your clinical needs are the priority

  • Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people acquire infections with bacteria that are resistant to one of more of the antibiotics designed to treat those infections. At least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result from these antibiotic-resistant infections. Many more die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • The use of antibiotics is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR leading to antibiotic resistance around the world.
  • Antibiotics are among the MOST COMMONLY PRESCRIBED DRUG in human medicine.
  • Up to 50% of all antibiotics prescribed for people ARE NOT NEEDED or are not optimally effective as prescribed.
Culture and SensitivityPCR Testing
SensitivityFair3-5x greater sensitivity than culture
Turn-Around-Time2-5 days after lab arrival (bacteria growth rate dependent)12-24 hours after lab arrival
Vulnerability to TransportViable specimen needed; sensitive to temperatures and drying; needs special transport mediumViable specimen NOT required; not affected by temperatures; no transport medium required
Strain TypingRequires 2nd stepOften incorporated in initial testing

Industry Leading Turnaround Time

All PCR and blood laboratory products and services have a 24 hour turnaround time guaranteed from the time the sample enters the laboratory.

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